Team Kigers Of Monasdotter

International breeder of Kiger Mustang

To breed with horses who have a nice and comfortable gaits, ultimate saddle horses and breed with horses who has more of the Iberian and Spanish bloodlines

To breed sound and healthy individuals,

with good hoof quality
and has a gentle mind.

The Kiger Mustang is aversatile mount and can be trained to perform just about any equine sport. They are only limited by their training and rider`s skills level. Kiger Mustangs generally have an easy ability to change gears and get down to the work at hand. It is not unusual for kiger Mustangs to participate in cattle sorting on Friday, attend a Western Pleasure show on Saturday and do an Edurance ride on Sunday. The Kiger Mustang has a very willing mind and is generally easy to train. In Europe the Kiger Mustang´s used for trail, western,academic art of ridning, english dressage, working equitation, trick, liberty to mention some

Since 2010