We have 14 Kiger’s 11 mares, 3 Stallion’s and raised 26 pure Kiger´s. I have reached my goal as I write down 2016 and now I have my breeding program. Hard work have give me results and I’m proud over what I have create. Thank you all who have believed in me and still does, it means a lot!

Mom you follow your dream´s and live them /my son Milton 8 years old

Facts about the Kiger

The Kiger Mustang can come in many different colors including dun, grulla, red dun, bay and black.The kiger Mustang should have dun factor and others characteristics expressed. Dun marking factors: Dorsal, leg barring, lacing,cobwebbing on face, mask on face, fishbone/sawtooth on dorsal, eye bars, hock barring, ventral dorsal, fawn in ears, black outline on eras, barring on back of ears,bi-coloring in mane/tail.The Kiger Mustang is generally a medium size horse ranging from 13.2 hands to 16 hands, with a preferred height of 14-15.2 hands.

You can read more about the breed at or our Swedish Association

Our Stallion`s
Bayo Altivo

Born 2014, Sire: WRW Geronimo Dam: Sonrisa RB. Breeder Rancho Bayo Color Grulla DdEE, 153,5cm

Tivo, the one and only! it´s a pleasure to own a stallion by Charro(WRM Kiger Geronimo). Handsome guy, a gentleman with a nice body and gaits, iberian type. Gentle minded and always want to do his best. Loves to be trained, have plenty of energy. Tivo has proven to produce outstanding offsprings of good size, with great minds. He has produced 22 offsprings. 16 pure kigers and 6 crossbreeds.

Antonito Bandolero RB
Born 2009, Branded from Kiger HMA Oregon BLM#09022963, Color Dun Dd, 150cm

Nito, freezebranded stallion from the 2015 adoption. He is a type of spanish/barock and will be a good match to my Charro daughters who has more of the iberian blood. This handsome guy has a fabolus charisma, wonderful soul and always try to do his best. When you have got his trust you have his heart. He is the healer on our farm and I´m pleased to own this incredible horse. Nito has plenty of energi and nice gaits, a real gentleman when he is mating the mares, I can always trust him. He has four offsprings what we know, two in USA and two here in Sweden.

W12 Zenith
Born 2018, Sire: Brioso Canyon Dam: Zorya Breeder Sarah Butterworth Color Dun DDEe, 150,5 cm

Zenith came to us last year and is the youngest of our stallion´s out of my favorite stallion Brioso. He is so fun and I love to spend time with him. He has lots of energy and is very playful. Looking so much forward to start educate him. Zenith is short bodied, long legged and has lot of iberian. He is a good choice to our mares and I´m thrilled to see his offsprings. Zenith will have his first mares this spring.

Our Mares

Montanesa RB
Born 2005, branded from Kiger HMA, Oregon Color Dun Dd, 147 cm

She is one of our freezebranded mare from the 2007 adoption. She came from Rancho Bayo as a broodmare and have produced outstanding offspring. Foals are Luna, Kahlua, Deja Vu, Zeplin with Charro (WRM Kiger Geronimo). Crossbreed Latte and Nito with Gringo. During the year she has been here, she have gave us Frejes Alldina with Antonito and Frejes Bandore with Altivo. She is a iberian type, throws lot of stripes and good dorsal. All of her babies has showed to be fancy with nice gaits, good saddle horse, gently minded and types of iberian.

Bayo Viva la Raza

Our gorgeous mare Tasa, she is the one and only. Like the mother of earth with a big heart and one of our top producer. Foals crossbreed Zerlina, Chaco, Amante, Farsante, Rubi with Gringo. She have gave us Frejes Tatiana with Patron Platedo RB, Frejes Athos with Altivo, Gringos Elemento Elviva with Gringo.

Born 2006, Sire WRM Kiger Geronimo Dam: Kiger Senora Breeder Rancho Bayo. Color Grulla Dnd2Ee, 150,5 cm
KMS Rosie
Born 2007, Sire: Kigers Doc Marten Dam: Steens Rose Breeder Rick Littleton. Color Dun Dd, 147 cm

Rosie is that mare who have produced most foals to us, foals are KMS Silver Bullet with Silverado. KMS Heathrocks, KMS Rosita gone with the wind, with Heatcliff. Frejes Vihro with TK Viho, Frejes Troja, Frejes Aramis and Frejes Baronessa with Altivo. She knows that she is a ”lady”, a super mama with a big heart and a leader. Gentle and easy to work with, nice and comfortable gaits. She is a spanish/barock type. One of my heart horses.

Bayo Novadosa
Born 2007, Sire: WRM Kiger Geronimo Dam: Kiger Senora Breeder: Rancho Bayo. Color Dd, 155,5 cm

Nova is full sister to Tasa and a mare with a lot of personality. She is really social, loves cuddles and attention. She happily takes on different challenges and likes to show what she has learned. Nova is a great mama and confidente in herself. She is one of our higher mares, have a great body of iberian type and nice gaits. She has given us Frejes Beyond the Stars who has shown a lot of her charming personality in him.

Amapola RB
Born 2008, Branded HMA Kiger, Oregon. Color Grulla, 146 cm

Poppy as we call her is a gentle and a little shy mare. She came to us as a broodmare from Rancho Bayo. She have produced two foals what we know of, one at Rancho bayo, Bayo Govia with Charro and have given us Frejes A`porthos with Patron Platedao RB. Iberian type, with good size, she is intelligent, sweet and kind. We are so thrillled to see what she will produce.

KMS Diamond
Born 2011, Branded HMA Kiger, Oregon. Color Dun, 149,2 cm

Diamond my Diamond, one of my best friends. We have done so much fun together, she is ridden, done a lot of liberty and trick training which she loves. She is a good mama, always lets me be near her and the babies. She is social and loves to come out for a ride in the nature. Intelligent, love to work and attention. She have given us Frejes Tyrion, Frejes Adora and Frejes Brisona almost unreal. She is my smallest horse with a nice body and of iberian type.

Bayo Azahara
Born 2013, Sire: WRM Kiger Geronimo Dam: Azucena RB Breeder: Rancho Bayo. Color Dun Ee 158,5 cm

Aza is our outstanding mare who came in 2020, our highest broodmare with excellent gaits! What a producer she is. A mare we really need in our breeding program. Such a kind mind and we are super thrilled to see what she will produce with our stallions. So far she has produced two foals Bayo Batata and Bayo Leeloo with Patron Platedao RB. Of a iberian type.

Bayo Alteza
Born 2014, Sire WRM Kiger Geronimo Dam: Bellezza Breeder Rancho Bayo, Color Silver Grulla DDEE, 157 cm

Teza one of everyone´s favorites, she is so gentle minded, a good mama but also well aware of what a queen she really is. Nice body of a iberian type and one of our higher mares. Easy and calm to work with, such a special soul with a big heart and she always want to do her best. Our top mare, have given us Frejes Princess Tansy with Patron Plateado RB and Frejes Blazon simply the best.

Bayo Iberica
Born 2015, Sire WRM Kiger Geronimo Dam: Sonrisa RB Color grulla DdEe, 157 cm

Iberica is fullsister to Tivo, I don´t know where to begin and how to explain her. I really love this mare, I’m so thrilled to see what she will produce. I`m sure it will be outstanding foals which will be important bloodlines for the Kiger. Iberica is our highest mare of an iberain type, very gently minded, nice body and gaits. She has grown a lot mentaly from beign a mama to her first one Frejes Brielle the dancing queen.

Frejes Princess Tansy
Born 2018, Sire: Patron Plateado RB Dam: Bayo Alteza Breeder: Team Kigers AB Color Grulla, 154 cm still growing.

Tansy is out of Teza and she is so much like her mom. Very fun with a lot of humor, wants all attention for her own and love humans. She is full of life and loves everyone. My plan is to breed her this spring and later be my saddle horse.

Frejes Brisona almost unreal
Born 2020, Sire Bayo Altivo Dam KMS Diamond Color Dun

Brisona is out of Diamond, it will be interesting to se how she will delvelopes to be our broodmare in the future.

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