Jessica Mercedes Monasdotter is my name and I live on our farm placed outside a small village called Gnesta, just one hour from Stockholm. Remember the feeling from when you were a child, leafing through your favorite horse magazine over and over again, longing for the next release? Or the horse posters you taped on to your wall so frequently that the flowers on the wall paper was all covered in the end?
Remember the times you built a show jumping course with sticks, brooms and buckets?
Imagining you were the owner and rider to the most beautiful horse in the world? The hedges went higher and higher and so did your imagines and dreams? The dream about your own horse. In my case, a Mustang.
The dream to start with horse breeding grew stronger and stronger. But I had not found the right breed yet, although I knew which one that could fit like a glove. All begun with an article about a man, Tomas, who showed out to be a very important person to me, both regarding to horses but also as a friend. This was in 2010,and not in a million years could I ever believe that it would lead to this.
Tomas had a Mustang male foal for sale, and there and then I decided that he was going to be mine.
Tomas said, “-Go home and think about it, and we will see what you think within a week”. For me there was no need for thinking, this horse was mine!
There my Kiger Mustang-journey begun. Heathcliff was his name. Within two years we had five mares. In October 2011, we went over to the States with Tomas and his wife Lotta. We were about to
make the highest bid for two wild caught mares in an auction in the middle of the wilderness of Burns, Oregon.

This year it’ll be 12 years since I bought my first Kiger Horse, I didn’t know so much about this amazing breed, but the horses immediately stole my heart. It took me years to learn how to be a breeder, years to see what kind of horses I’ll breed and promote.
I have never felt so much passion for something as I do now with my breeding program. These years has given me new friends all over the world, even if I sometimes feel lonely on my journey, it feels good to have you guys by my side. I receive mails and messages from people I dont know, who writes so nice words to me, it gives me energy to keep moving forward and that means a lot.
It hasn’t been easy to start with a new breeding programme here in Europe, the road has been bumpy so to speak.
I’m grateful for what I have created and I’m curious what the future will bring to us!
Thank you all!

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